Inspections of confined spaces

Traditional access methods of confined spaces, such as scaffolding, can be time consuming, costly and pose working at height risks. However, there is another solution that might do the trick at the highest quality, efficiency and safety standards: drone inspection. Drones are a smart alternative to balance today’s industrial requirements of low cost and high results. Our confined space drone systems are utilised to inspect indoor structures such as storage tank, structural steel, and indoor manufacturing assets. Our drones have the capability of avoiding obstacles. This avoids objects automatically, so there is no chance of damaging the drone or the inspected object. The results of the inspection will be made in a 3-D model and with the help of our artificial intelligence damages are easily found!



  • no more climbing on ladders!
  • Improve safety: personal accidents reduced to almost zero
  • More complete results: inspection with interactive steering of the inspection device
  • Lower cost: cost reduction per tank of 80% due to shorter lead-time and reduced personnel
  • Reduced downtime: tank preparation for inspection reduced with 90%; inspection lead-time reduced by 65%
  • We can automatically generate lists of places where repairs are needed: flexible criteria management and efficient action plans.
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