Tracing water sources

There is a great demand from the market for underground mapping for tracing water sources, In collaboration with various partners, we started looking for solutions. One of our partners is developing an innovative electromagnetic sensor that can be operated with a drone. With this new sensor, we are capable of mapping various subsurface properties. By mapping the earth’s groundwater quality and quantity up to 50m deep we aim to provide researchers, farmers, water boards, municipalities or other private or public parties with critical groundwater insights. This solution can be seen as the key to solving the first part of the complex challenges in groundwater management, by providing an effective means to quickly gather insight in the situation and start monitoring groundwater quality and levels. The resulting data can be used by local farmers to limit their irrigation to sustainable levels and assist them in decision making with regards to crop rotation schemes. Of course, the same data can be used by corporations and governmental bodies to optimise groundwater management. Where manual mapping quickly becomes infeasible at scale, helicopter-borne mapping is far beyond the financial capabilities of most municipalities and water boards, let alone farmers. We facilitate the speed of helicopter-borne mapping for the price of manual mapping devices, putting the power of high-speed groundwater mapping into the hands of local governments or businesses. We are currently developing a state-of-the-art FDEM sensors, including systems used in manual measurements or helicopter-borne mapping. In 2020 we are expecting to have first prototype ready for field testing in real-life situations. 



  • Cheaper
  • Faster
  • Groundwater data available for everyone, everywhere 
  • Groundwater insight: depth, salinity, texture 
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